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First Grade Learning Activities

We hope our students find these suggested activities fun and engaging.
All the video links below can be found on our video page.
Ready Rosie - This site is free and provides resources for caregivers to help children develop early literacy skills through reading and learning together.  
Fry Word Lists


ELA Lessons - May 11-20 Graphic Organizers, Writing, and Alphabetical Order

Lesson 1:  

FlipFlop Activity (Summer Song)

  1. Print out activity page 2 and write about what you’re excited for in the summer.
  2. Create your own flip flops to go with the writing. (activity page 1 is an example of that)


Magical Pair of Flip Flops (Summer Science)

  1. Write and tell us if you had a magical pair of flip flops…
    1. What would they look like?
    2. What would they do?
    3. Where would you go?
  2. Draw a picture of your magical pair of flip flops at the top.

Lesson 2:   

Summer Spelling  (Alphabetical Order)

  1. Complete the crossword puzzle.
  2. Put the summer words in alphabetical order.

Lesson 3:

Summer Writing (Summer Vacation)

  1.  On page 1, fill out the graphic organizer explaining why you love summer and color the pictures.
  2. On page 2, select the boy or girl sheet to complete.
  3. Write about 4 things that make you think of summer.
    1. Tell us stories from past summers.
    2. Tell us why summer is special to you.

**Remember to have fun with this, get excited! It’s almost SUMMER!!!!

Math Lesson Review/Wrap-up May 11-20

Lesson 1: Pictographs review

Log into Clever and watch the following BrainPop video:

After watching the video, complete the Summer Graphing pages below.

Lesson 2: Place value, ordering numbers, and comparing numbers review

Watch the following YouTube videos:

Following the videos, complete the Summer Math Printables pages below. These can be written on paper if you are unable to print. 😊

Lesson 3: Addition with no regrouping

Watch the following YouTube video:

Following the video, complete the Summer Addition riddle page below.

**Extra practice/review**

Complete the Summer Subtraction from 20 page below.

IXL Codes (type codes into the search topics and skills box):



Science Activities for Dates May 11 - 20 Nature Walks, STEM, and Experiments

Lesson 1: Nature Walks  - Watch the videos to go with activity 1.  

Mindful Walking

Today’s Thing: Nature Walk

Activity 1:  Alphabet Nature Walk -  Go outside and record what you find.  See if you can find something for each alphabet letter.  If not, you can research and see if you can find something that you might find on a nature walk.  See how many many letter boxes you can fill up.  If you can’t print this sheet, just use paper. 

Lesson 2: STEM - Watch the videos to go with activity 2. 

Inventors Who Changed the World

Cartoons for Kids: Inventors

Activity 2:  Summer STEM - Choose one or more activities from the STEM chart to create.  Draw a picture and/or write about your creation.

Lesson 3: Science Experiment - Watch the videos to go with activity 2.

Scientist, Scientist, Who Do You See?

CeCe Loves Science

Activity 3:  Gummy Bear Experiment- Use gummy bears and water and predict what will happen before you try out this experiment.  If you can’t print this page, just write it on paper.

Social Studies – May 11-22 Patriotic Holidays 

Since summer is quickly approaching and school is coming to an end, we thought it would be fun to conclude by focusing on some patriotic summer holidays. Our three lessons will include materials and fun activities about Memorial Day, Flag Day, and Independence Day (the 4th of July.)

Students should begin this series of lessons by reading the “Holiday Summary.”

Lesson 1: Our first lesson for this week will focus on Memorial Day. Students will draw a picture about Memorial Day and then write a sentence that tells about the picture they drew. 

Activity 1: Enjoy a fun coloring sheet about Memorial Day!

Video: Check out this video to find out more about Memorial Day:

Additional Video:

Lesson 2: Lesson 2 is all about Flag Day and the symbol that the flag is for our country. After reviewing the “Holiday Summary” about Flag Day, take a look at Lesson 2. Start by reading the Pledge of Allegiance with your student. Then have students complete the cut and paste activity to help them better understand the Pledge.  

Activity 2: Students can color their own American Flag.


Additional Videos:

Lesson 3: This lesson encourages students to learn more about The 4th of July. Review the “Holiday Summary” one more time.  Students should then read the short passage about The 4th of July and answer the questions.

Activity 3: Complete the 4th of July word search.  


Additional Videos: