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Guided Drawing
Deep Space Sparkle Crab Drawing....  Art for kids hub link to “How to draw a ladybug”

**Ms. Dana has a PE activity that includes art!  We thought that you may want to try**








Cosmic Kids dance party
Tic Tac Toe Complete the activity to earn your X or O and see who is the Champion!
Lion King Movie Bingo Activity
I have a challenge for y'all!  As you watch the movie, The Lion King, you will cross off each square of the bingo card as it happens in the movie.  However, before you mark off each square, you must do the corresponding exercise for the letter that the square is under! #HPEatHome
Listen to stories from the Space Station!!
Listen to the story I Love Bugs and then draw a picture using the adjectives (describing words) of your own bug. Post the pictures on Mrs. Debbie's Library Friends Facebook page or email them to me at
Choose different Lego challenges and send pictures to my email 
Lauren Tarshis Reads The Destruction of Pompeii
Learn coding with fun and games